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Ed Miliband explains why he won't be following Ed Balls into Strictly Come Dancing

The bacon sandwich incident seems to have left permanent scars on Ed Miliband's psyche

Published: Monday, 3rd July 2017 at 1:15 pm

Ed Miliband has ruled out following in Ed Balls' footsteps and signing up for Strictly Come Dancing - because he fears he'd be even worse at dancing than eating a bacon sandwich.


The former Labour leader was endlessly mocked after his disastrous attempts to eat a bacon sandwich on the general election campaign trail in 2015.

Since stepping down and returning to the back benches as an MP, Miliband has revealed an unexpected knack for comedy. He posed with a bacon sandwich and performed Take On Me on The Last Leg, and has been firing out sassy tweets directed at everyone from George Osborne to Piers Morgan to Donald Trump.


Oh, and his takeover of the Jeremy Vine Show on BBC Radio 2 for a week in June was a major success as he discussed everything from toilets to dog grooming.

But watching his former colleague Ed Balls perform Gangnam Style on primetime TV, has he been tempted to have a go?

“Mmmm, not really," he told The Guardian. "I think if I went on Strictly, it would make the bacon sandwich look like an elegant piece of style.

"It’s a slightly different situation – I’m an MP, he’s not,” he added. “But good luck to him. I think you have to do these things in your own way.”

In fact, Miliband totally refused to reveal whether he was a Strictly fan or not. Or even if he has a favourite TV show.


“Oh, God, I hate these questions,” he moaned. "I just CAN’T."


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