Ed Balls pledges Ed Balls Day will become a national Holiday if he wins Strictly Come Dancing

Ed Balls


Some say Ed Balls Day, otherwise known as April 28th, is just an excuse to spend money on gifts we can’t afford and that we’ve lost the simple message behind the festivities. But now the man behind the celebrations could put the true meaning back into #EdBallsDay.


Speaking to RadioTimes.com on the eve of his Strictly Come Dancing debut, Ed Balls – former Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer and prophet of #EdBallsDay – made a historic pledge about April 28th: “I can confidently say that if I were to win the show it will become a national holiday.”

Just picture it: Ed Balls triumphantly parading the Strictly glitterball trophy across TV screens throughout the country where children watch in awe. Months later they’ll be ripping off another door on their #EdBallsDay calendars, taking a moment to chomp down the chocolate Ball inside before realising they’re even closer to a day off school, all thanks to that moment – that magnificent moment – in 2011 when Ed Balls got a bit miffed about social media and tweeted his own name.


But hold up, there’s a slight hitch: Balls was quick to add there’s “no possibility” he’ll win the show. In fact, he’s having quite a few problems in rehearsals. “My hips don’t oscillate. I keep asking professional dancers for advice and when I move, they laugh,” he said. “It’s not good for my ego!”

Plus, Ed will be stopping himself from going full Strictly, thanks to his firm dress code: “My family have very strict rules. They don’t want sequins, glitter or too many thrills – no plunging whatever.”

And it’s not looking too good for his dancing: “I took home a film to them last week and said I looked like a rugby player. They said I looked like a camp rugby player.”

Keep strong and just focus on the dancing, Ed. For all of us – the next #EdBallsDay is a Friday and a three day weekend sounds cracking.


Strictly Come Dancing launches 6:50pm on BBC1