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Doctor Who’s Alex Kingston and Miranda’s Sarah Hadland REALLY want to do Strictly

The actors, who are set to star together in a new play in the West End, think their time has come for glitterball glory

Published: Tuesday, 19th February 2019 at 10:50 am

When scouting for the next series of Strictly Come Dancing, the BBC could do worse than consider two new willing applicants that have presented themselves – Doctor Who star Alex Kingston and Miranda’s Sarah Hadland, both of whom revealed a surprisingly intense desire to win the glitterball trophy, during an interview to promote their new play on the West End.


“Every year I have the same thought: 'I really, really want to do it!'” Hadland told, with both actors hinting that in years past they had been discouraged from putting themselves forward.

“I know, me too,” agreed Kingston, adding that she has already picked out her preferred professional dance partner, Aljaž Škorjanec.

“I think let's just do it! Break the mould. Absolutely break the mould. I'm so glad you feel the same way.”

“Cut to us doing panto in Skegness, never working again,” joked Hadland.

“We’re not allowed to talk about that,” Kingston concluded. “But yes, we want to do it.”

In the meantime the TV stars are treading some different boards together in Admissions, a new play that follows two American women as their sons receive their acceptance – or rejection – letters from university, and the effect it has on their friendship.

“I haven't done theatre for probably five years or something like that,” Kingston said.

“It's so nice, I love it. I wanted to be an actor because I loved theatre. I didn't even dare think that I might do a telly, or even a movie. That was like another world.”

And the pair are hoping that fans of both Doctor Who and Miranda will find something to enjoy in the new play.

“I'm really bad at things like Twitter and Instagram,” Kingston said, “So I haven't even told my fans that I'm doing this but maybe I should.”

“Certainly with Miranda we had a huge teenage following and I hope that a lot of those students and any young people, I hope that they'll come and see this play,” added Hadland.

“I think it's a really important piece of theatre, so I hope Miranda fans do come and see it. Because I think they'd really enjoy it. And there are some comic elements. It is funny.”

And who knows? This could just be the precursor to another exciting live experience – watching Kingston and Hadland, triumphant on the Strictly 2020 tour. BBC, let’s make this happen.


Admissions begins its run at the Trafalgar Studios, London on the 28th February. Tickets are on sale now


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