Britain’s Got Talent’s Daliso Chaponda reveals ITV cut three jokes from his act ahead of his final performance

Simon Cowell also brands him “the best comedian” Britain’s Got Talent has ever seen


Daliso Chaponda’s performances have often left us open-mouthed on Britain’s Got Talent with his hilarious and controversial routines.


However, it turns out that his material could be a lot worse. After his routine in the BGT final, Daliso revealed that some of his material was so rude that ITV wouldn’t allow him to perform it!

Asked by Dec how it felt to be playing the same stage two nights running and having to find new material, Daliso said: “It was nuts getting approval. You think I’m crossing the line? There were a lot of jokes they were like ‘You cannot say that. ITV will be sued.’”

Ant then added: “I read three of your gags that we couldn’t put in. I’m glad you didn’t put them in. Very funny though!”

Meanwhile Simon Cowell commented that Daliso was “the best comedian we’ve ever had on this show.”

Amanda Holden added: “For me you did it again. I just love that you’re so edgy and I love the politics. I love that you do stuff that I know nobody else can take away from you. You’ve got such charm, such charisma, real confidence.”

David Walliams said he was “bent double” whenever Daliso performed and that he would be a “fantastic” winner, while Alesha said he was “so likeable” and had “funny bones”.


“You make all your jokes really personal,” Alesha added. “That was fantastic once again.”