The Britain's Got Talent judges sent magician Damien O'Brien through to the competition's next round after he performed magic with just his phone's calculator and David Walliam's credit card.


The 34-year-old, who works as a personal trainer in London by day, received a standing ovation from both the judges and audience during tonight's show after transforming his phone into a block of metal, engraved with dates given by the judges multiplied together.

Speaking to camera before his audition, Damien admitted that he almost stopped doing magic as being a part-time magician was "quite hard" financially.

"But it's my passion, it's what I was born to do," he said. "I'm hoping that BGT can help me become a full time magician. My ultimate goal would be to have my own show, my name up in lights, people coming to see me."

Damien began his act by saying that he would be using "an object that we all own and as adults use every single day of our lives" – a smartphone.

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Credit: ITV

"It's an incredible piece of technology but it has no heart so tonight, I'd like to create an emotional piece of magic, connecting to one person in this audience, creating a personal memory that we can all experience together using just this phone," he said.

The part-time magician then gave him phone to David and asked his fellow judges, Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden and Simon Cowell, for a specific date that meant something to them.

Simon gave the birthday of his son Eric (14th February), Amanda gave the date of her marriage anniversary (10th December), while Alesha suggested her daughter's birthday (1st October).

After multiplying 1403, 1012 and 110 together, David was then asked to divide the number by his 4 digit banking pin code, which resulted in the number 71059, and to hand over his credit card. "Where is this heading?", asked a nervous David.

Damien then took David's credit card and pushed it through his phone, wowing the judges, before revealing that the phone had transformed into a block of metal, engraved with the number 71059.

The block of metal engraved with 71059 (Credit: ITV)

He then asked Simon to reveal his birth date, which is 7th October 1959. Pointing to the number engraved on the metal, Damien said, "That's the 7th, of the 10th, 59 – Simon this is for you."

Presenters Ant and Dec were amazed, with Ant exclaiming: "God, that's scrambled my brain."

A mind-boggled Simon described Damien as "unbelievably talented", before giving him a yes. "I love your presentation, I think you're very cool, very relevant," he said. "I think people are going to really like you, I really like you, that was amazing."

David added: "You created something totally new and really modern because magic can sometimes feel a bit old fashioned, so I’m so over the moon that you came here today Well done."

Damien is one of the last acts to sail through the audition process. The semi-finals, which have been delayed by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, will take place later this year.


Britain's Got Talent will continue on ITV later this year.