We’ve got good news and bad news Britain’s Got Talent fans: looks like the ITV contest’s live shows will be going ahead – but several months after originally planned.


Although there had been speculation the competition’s climax could have taken place in the coming weeks without a studio audience, judge Amanda Holden has indicated the coronavirus outbreak has moved the live shows to later this year.

"All of the main judges have been given a date to hold in early autumn to see if it works live,” Holden said to HuffPost UK.

She added: "We would never do it without an audience because we've always said the British public is the fifth judge. It would be no fun without them!

"We'll see what happens, but we are planning to do it this year."

Holden also suggested that head judge Simon Cowell had to battle for the show’s audition stages to be aired on ITV as normal, despite the national lockdown.

“Simon has fought very hard for it to be on now, in its normal slot, and it celebrates Britain at its best,” She said. “All our eccentricities, our nuttiness, and being able to laugh at ourselves is how we get through everything – we’ve got to still find the light in the dark.”

On last Saturday’s show (2nd May), Holden ­– who sits on the judging panel with Cowell, David Walliams and Alesha Dixon – pressed her Golden Buzzer for mother-daughter duo Honey and Sammy.

The pair from Essex tugged at viewers’ heartstrings when 14-year-old daughter Honey revealed her mother, 43, had recently recovered from cancer.

“Our last two years… my mum got diagnosed with cancer and it’s been a tough couple of years,” Honey explained while fighting back tears before their performance. “And to be here with my mum is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

The pair followed up this emotional moment with a powerful cover of Lost Without You by Freya Ridings, a performance that saw Holden well up with tears.

“Every single lyric that you got right and sang just seemed so poignant to your story, it was just the most wonderful thing to witness,” she said before slamming down the Golden Buzzer, securing Honey and Sammy a place at the live shows.


Britain’s Got Talent continues 8pm Saturday on ITV. If you’re looking for more to watch check out our TV guide.