Acrobat Kai Hou wowed the Britain's Got Talent audience on tonight's show after jumping over judge David Walliams during his audition.


The 26-year-old from Berlin quite literally jumped through hoops to get through to the next stage in the competition – impressing the judges by leaping through small hoops set at dangerous heights.

When asked what winning would mean to him, Kai told the judges before his act: "It's very important. I'd have more opportunities to do things and I'd love to perform for the royal family."

As Kai began to prepare to jump through the first few hoops, judge Amanda Holden exclaimed: "Oh blimey, oh my god."

Kai jumps through the hoop (Credit: ITV)

Kai then upped the ante by spinning the hoops and stacking them on top of each other, causing Alesha Dixon to say: "How the hell is he going to get up there."

Although his first attempt to jump through a hoop set extremely high in the air ended with the hoops clattering to the floor, his second attempt was successful.

Kai then invited David Walliams onto the stage and asked him to hold one of the hoops up in the air. "This could go horribly wrong for David," said Ant backstage.

With Simon Cowell grinning and the audience clapping for encouragement, Kai performed a back flip before jumping backwards through the hoop over David's head, causing everyone to jump to their feet with applause.

Simon started off the feedback, joking: "That was the only time I really wanted one of these danger acts to go wrong, so I'm slightly disappointed."

Kai asks David to lift up the hoop (Credit: ITV)

"The act is very very very cool and so are you. Although [the hoops] need to be on fire next time," he continued.

Alesha added: "Clearly Kai you're fearless, you put on a great show and I've got a good feeling about you."

A relieved David, who had returned to his seat, said: "Who knew jumping through hoops could be so entertaining? It's sort of man vs hoop."

"Let me be the first to give you a big fat yes," he added.

The judges gave Kai four yeses, sending him onto the next stage of the BGT competition.

The semi-finals, which have been delayed by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, will take place later this year.


Britain's Got Talent will continue on ITV later this year.