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What is Britain's Got Talent 2018 escapologist Matt Johnson going to do next?

The daring escape artist also reveals that he has no emergency signal whilst performing - and has already got a tattoo dedicated to his time on BGT

Matt Johnson on Britain's Got Talent
Published: Monday, 16th April 2018 at 4:58 pm

Matt Johnson has promised that for his next Britain's Got Talent act, we will be seeing him do something he's never performed before.


In the first episode in this series of BGT, Matt had viewers (and the judges) collectively holding their breath as he chained himself up and struggled underwater for over two minutes as he tried to escape from a locked tank.

Asked by what his next trick would be, Matt teased: "I can’t tell you. It’s interesting because I’ve got to wait for the reveal rounds to find out if I’m through, but obviously also at the same time I’ve got to work on something to make sure it’s ready if that happens, so I am working on something. It’s something that I’ve never done before.

"But I’m going to keep that one secret. I want people to be excited and feel like they saw something they never seen before. So I can’t tell you anything right now as to what I might do next - I want you to be on the edge of your seat."

Matt originally came to Britain's Got Talent in 2017, but explains how he couldn't go ahead with his audition last year.

"In rehearsals on the day of filming the tank cracked and all the water came out all over the set, and with that water went my dreams," laughs Matt. "I was absolutely devastated, as you can imagine. But my mantra is ‘never give up’ - and I actually had it tattooed on the side of my hand on the day that it happened. Then over the last year I’ve tried really hard to come back and here we are."

After getting a tattoo following his failed attempted, Canadian-based Matt also reveals that he's already got a brand new tattoo dedicated to his time on BGT this year.

"Now on my left hand on the side it says, '020818' [8th February 2018, the date of his audition] and '4 x yes', so it’s already on there. My tattoos are my life story; it’s my scrapbook wherever I go and so every time something monumental happens in my life I get it tattooed on my body and I carry it wherever I go."

Matt, who also says that he has become unconscious in the tank while performing this trick before, also revealed that when he's performing live he doesn't have an emergency sign to relay to his team.

"When we do it live, I don’t have a signal," said Matt. "So the rule is if I pass out and float, get me out. And we have a short amount of time if that happens when I’m taking in water to get me out and make sure I’m OK, but I trust the people around me to do that. So that keeps me safe.

"The escapes that I do aren’t tricks," he adds. "They are real, there is danger and I take them very seriously. But they get an incredible response and that’s what I’m looking for."


Britain's Got Talent continues Saturdays on ITV


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