BGT’s Alesha Dixon hits Amanda Holden’s buzzer during dinosaur dancers Bespoke Candi

Some foul play on the judging panel!


In the immortal words of Simon Cowell, “how could anyone not like a dancing dinosaur”?


Simon was a huge fan of Bespoke Candi, the act clad in stone age outfits who dance with a huge T-Rex, and tonight his love for the performers was stronger than ever.

“There’s a lot of people who would pay a lot of money to see this sort of thing. You don’t say stone age people and T-Rexs doing shows enough in my opinion.”

Never was a truer word said.

But Alesha Dixon, who was unimpressed by Bespoke Candi in their first audition, was stoney-faced (geddit??) within several seconds of tonight’s performance and bashed her buzzer very quickly, soon followed by David Walliams and Amanda Holden.

Except that it turns out that Amanda liked the act and it was in fact Alesha who reached over pressed her fellow judge’s buzzer!

Cue lots of booing from the audience….

We have a license to do anything on this show, it’s brilliant,” clarified Amanda after explaining that she hadn’t rejected Bespoke Candi at all.

“It was very entertaining, she said.

Meanwhile David said he had enjoyed it but had a problem with historical accuracy because cavemen and dinosaurs wouldn’t have been alive at the same time.  At this, he was swiftly interrupted by Simon.


Thank god – because this is entertainment David, we have no time for history lessons. Only for dancing dinosaurs.