BGT viewers found the ‘do not try this at home’ warnings for sword swallowing pretty funny

Darn, best put the drills, swords and 12ft pole away...


Alex Magala’s sword swallowing act was most certainly edge-of-your-seat stuff, but plenty of Britain’s Got Talent viewers were distracted by the somewhat amusing ‘do not try this at home’ warnings tonight.


It’s important info of course – ITV would soon be in trouble if they didn’t show the warning message – but it just seemed a tad redundant given what Magala was doing.

After all, while there’s plenty of ad breaks to get a few things done, it’s unlikely to be a bit of sword swallowing mixed with dropping from a pole (blindfolded no less) towards spinning drills, is it?

I mean, who doesn’t have this gear lying around?

Got to love the British sarcasm

You might spot a load of the gear on eBay later

People really weren’t sure why they needed telling

Britain’s Got Sarcasm by the bucket load

Well, we all best ponder a new hobby to try out, eh?


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