BGT impressionist Craig Ball gets tongue-tied in final performance

"That's what happens on live TV. It makes you human," Simon Cowell comforted


Impressionist Craig Ball got tongue-tied during his Britain’s Got Talent final performance tonight.


While singing ‘Wrecking Ball’ in the voices of various cartoons and characters, Ball struggled to remember which order his impressions were coming in, turning around during the performance to look at the screen of images.

However, while Ball – who won his semi-final earlier in the week – apologised for “disappointing” people, the judges were full of praise.

“Don’t worry about slip-ups that what happens on live TV. It makes you human. It doesn’t matter,” Simon Cowell said. “The most important thing is you recovered well. I think you are such a great guy. It’s such a fun act, it’s so original. I absolutely love this act and I think, even though there was a mistake, I genuinely believe the public will get behind you. You could still be a dark horse in the competition.”

“I think people were a little surprised the other night that you won as comedians and funny people don’t always do well on this show. I can attest to that,” David Walliams joked. “You’re a funny guy and you recovered brilliantly.”


“It didn’t matter, it made it more funny,” Alesha Dixon concurred as Amanda Holden added: “You are brilliantly talented – it must be difficult, you’ve got 100 voices in your head!”