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BGT champ Richard Jones beat Wayne Woodward by just 2.9% of the votes

2.5 million votes were cast during tonight's 2016 final and the magician only narrowly beat singer Wayne Woodward

Published: Saturday, 28th May 2016 at 9:32 pm

Hold tight for the statistics! Britain's Got Talent winner Richard Jones beat runner-up Wayne Woodward by just 2.9%.


A win is a win, but that's a close one, right?

The magician took 16.7% of the 2.5 million votes cast, while Wayne took 13.8%. Simon Cowell's Golden Buzzer Boogie Storm came in third with 12.8%, with Ant and Dec's Golden Buzzer Jasmine Elcock biting at their heels with 11.8%.

Surprisingly, Alesha Dixon's Golden Buzzer choice 100 Voices of Gospel sees the vote drop much lower at 4.7%, while singing mother and son duo Mel and Jamie picked up just 1.9%.

It's actually a very similar result to last year: Jules, Matisse 'and friends' beating magician Jamie Raven by 2.2%.

Here's this year's full breakdown:

Winner: Richard Jones -16.7%

Runner-up: Wayne Woodward -13.8%

3rd place: Boogie Storm -12.8%

4th place: Jasmine Elcock - 11.8%

5th place: Beau Dermott - 9.8%

6th place: Craig Ball - 9.2%

7th place: Trip Hazard - 7.8%

8th place: 100 Voices of Gospel - 4.7%

9th place: Alex Magala - 4.5%

10th place: Balance Unity - 3.8%

11th place: Shannon & Peter - 3.2%


12th place: Mel & Jamie -1.9%


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