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Watch gobby Anthony Russell's first ever X Factor audition from 2007

Anthony, or "Tight-o" as he was known, said he was going to smash the audition's head in when he was just 17

Anthony Russell in 2017 and 2007
Published: Saturday, 2nd September 2017 at 8:30 pm

When we found out that The X Factor 2017 singer Anthony Russell originally auditioned for the show way back in 2007, we just had to find his first performance. And find it we did.


The Liverpudlian singer, who sings Issues by Julia Michaels in Saturday's opening episode, originally auditioned for Simon Cowell, Sharon Osbourne, Louis Walsh and Dannii Minogue a whopping ten years ago.

Then a 17-year-old gobby teenager, Simon, Sharon and Louis clearly don't remember him when he returns, but we've no idea how they could forget this.

Saying he's going to "smash [the auditions'] head in" has to be a highlight, as does: "They call me Tight-o, because back in junior school I was tight with my sweets. That's why they call me Tight-o, man."

So hard. Almost as hard as then-Xtra Factor presenter Fearne Cotton's voice over. "Innit".

Anyway, after singing Somewhere Beyond the Sea the first time around Simon Cowell said: “I didn’t like it. I think you need singing lessons” while Sharon said he had "great likability".

Anthony Russell The X Factor 2017

X Factor contestant Anthony Russell in 2017 – recognise him?

He got three yeses then, but will Anthony do even better this time around?


The X Factor starts on Saturday 2nd September at 8pm on ITV


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