Ant and Dec’s Golden Buzzer act Matt Edwards goes straight to Britain’s Got Talent live semi-finals

Ant nearly peed his pants and Matt broke down in tears after winning the Golden Buzzer


Why did Matt Edwards get Ant and Dec’s Golden Buzzer?

Mainly because Ant thought he was so funny, he nearly peed himself. Throughout Matt’s audition, Ant and Dec kept commenting on how brilliant and hilarious they thought he was. “He’s the Lee Evans of magic,” said Ant.


As the judges were deciding whether to put him through or not, the presenters came out onto the stage and told them they didn’t have to decide. Matt looked on in disbelief as he cried and fell to his knees as the pair headed for the buzzer.

“Well done pal. Very good. We were laughing so much I thought I was going to pee myself,” said Ant.


Dec added: “Honestly, we loved the act…he’s 34 years old, and for some reason he hasn’t been given the break until now but we just wanted to be there and do it.”

What did the judges have to say about Matt Edwards?

They were equally as effusive about Edwards’ performance. “What a brilliant way to present a magic trick,” said David. “I love when people push jokes as far as they possibly can go until they almost break. It was very funny, very entertaining. It was brilliant. Well done.”

Amanda added that he reminded her of Tommy Cooper. “You’re so distracted by you clowning and messing about that we’re not paying attention to what you’re actually doing, so therefore it’s even more magical,” she said. “I really love you. I think you’re charming, I think you’re funny and I think you’re old school with a twist which is absolutely perfect for Britain’s Got Talent.”

Alesha praised his “passion and enthusiasm”, while Simon said: “When you started with that voice I thought this is going to be really annoying, but actually you are brilliant. Really, really funny.

“I’m surprised you haven’t had a break yet Matthew because you’re really likeable and nuts, you’ve just got something about you.”

Who is Matt Edwards?


Instagram: magicmattedwards

The 34-year-old magician from Suffolk is a comedian and magician. He has starred alongside last year’s BGT winner Richard Jones and Coach Trip’s Brendan Sheerin (yes, really) in panto and regularly performs at holiday camps, cruise ships and other stage productions.

Here’s a clip of him performing:

He’s managed by Vern Allen, who also have former BGT finalist, impressionist Paul Burling (who came fifth on the show in 2010) on their books.


Britain’s Got Talent continues next Saturday at 8pm on ITV