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Amanda Holden on her own BGT act: "I will be trying to burst a balloon with just my body - there’s a lot of grinding"

And Simon Cowell will be involved in "a wet t-shirt competition" as things get risqué on the new series of Britain's Got Talent...

Published: Thursday, 7th April 2016 at 5:18 pm

It sounds like things are getting a bit steamy on the new series of Britain's Got Talent...


Simon Cowell will apparently be involved in "a wet t-shirt competition" while fellow judge Amanda Holden reveals there will be "a lot of grinding" when she takes on a performance of her own.

A new regular segment on the talent show called Handy Mandy will see Holden tackling a variety of challenges including waxing a man's chest and trying to burst a giant balloon using just her body – and she can already see the headlines...

"You can see me trying to burst a balloon with just my body," Holden told "It’s a very big balloon and there’s a lot of grinding. It’s gonna land me in loads of trouble, so more headlines – just what I need!"

But what about Mr Cowell's performance? It turns out Holden is largely responsible for that too.

Asked whether viewers could expect her to continue her tradition of throwing water over the boss when she's less than impressed with him, Holden said proceedings are likely to get even wetter and wilder than usual – but that Cowell is taking it all in his stride.

"More water, more water!" Holden teased. "It’s like a wet t-shirt competition for Simon this year and he didn’t want to get changed because he knew he looked good."

That may not be the only shock Cowell has in store for fans, either.

"Simon has got a surprise which he keeps telling everybody about which none of us know what it is," said Holden. "And actually I believe he doesn’t [know either] because he hasn’t thought it up yet, which is the main reason it’s gonna be a surprise."

But if there is actually a plan in place, could it perhaps be the return of some familiar faces to the show?

Holden said rumours that former judges such as Piers Morgan would be back were likely to be wide of the mark but that acts who made their names on Britain's Got Talent might well pop up.

"I would imagine we might have, possibly, people from ten years ago who auditioned for the show who have done extremely well," she said.


So watch this space for a possible Pudsey comeback – or if we're very lucky, Stavros Flatley...


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