All of Louis’ X Factor groups have changed their names…

Say goodbye to Ottavio and Bradley, 5am and The Brooks, say hello to...


The X Factor has a proud tradition of acts changing their names. Just last year, all six of Cheryl’s groups had a moniker revamp in one fell swoop. And, of course, there was the classic case of the girl band who inadvertently nicked the title of a music charity, Rhythmix, and ended up calling themselves Little Mix instead. Didn’t do them any harm, did it?


So it should come as no surprise that after Saturday night’s round of Judges’ Houses, Louis Walsh has had a clean sweep, with all three of his boy bands changing it up.

Ottavio and Bradley will become… Brattavio! It works, because they’re brats.

Twin brothers The Brooks will become… Brooks Way! (Which is weird because it’s actually the name of the street I used to live on). A band called The Brooks already exist, you see (my perfunctory research suggests they’re a funk and soul outfit).

And three-piece 5am become… Five After Midnight, presumably because 5am is way past their bedtime.

Judges Houses continues tonight, with Sharon’s Overs and Nicole’s Boys. Their acts are all just individual people so we’d be talking deed polls if they wanted to change their names. Then again, this is X Factor, so nothing’s out of the question…


The X Factor continues on Sunday at 7:30pm on ITV