Alesha Dixon features in Hoop Guy’s Britain’s Got Talent semi-final act – much to her embarrassment



Alesha Dixon is concerned that her credibility as a singer has “gone out the window” after John Parnell (aka Hoop Guy) sampled her rapping skills in his Britain’s Got Talent semi-final act.


Back in his audition, Hoop Guy showed off his hula-hooping skills to the tune of his own song, also titled “Hoop Guy”.

Inspired, former Mis-Teeq singer Alesha freestyled: “H-to-the-double-o-p-g-u-y”.

The other judges were so impressed that Simon Cowell promised Alesha would take part in Hoop Guy’s semi-final performance.

And while she didn’t agree to get up on stage and take the microphone herself, Hoop Guy managed to make her a part of his act by sampling that rap.

“All my Mis-Teeq credibility has gone out the window,” said Alesha, before spotting a potential new revenue stream: “Are you going to pay me?”

And Simon has made another promise to Hoop Guy and the Britain’s Got Talent audience: “If you get through to the final, Alesha will be singing that song live.”


Britain’s Got Talent continues tomorrow on ITV at 7.30pm