7 things to look out for in Britain’s Got Talent 2017

Seeing David's bum, Simon's car being destroyed, plus lots and lots of dogs. It's just another year in the ITV talent show


If there’s one thing that ten years of Britain’s Got Talent has taught us, it’s to expect the unexpected.


Whether that’s death-defying sword stunts, hugely talented young singers or Simon Cowell getting a lap dance from David Walliams, we never know what our poor eyes are going to be subjected to next.

We don’t know everything about series 11, but here are seven things that we can look forward to (or not) in BGT this year:

1. Plenty of dog wee

What says ITV prime time entertainment than a bunch of dogs urinating everywhere? This dog’s face is basically saying what we’re thinking.


As Dec explains: “We had a bring-your-dog-to-work day. That day someone was auditioning doing Doggy Yoga. So we all got our dogs up on stage and it didn’t go quite to plan. My dog didn’t want to be there. Ant’s dog had a massive wee on stage.”

Unthinkable as it may be, this story actually gets worse. “We were asked to bring our dogs up on stage, we had to take our shoes off and the lady’s dog went for a pee on my shoes,” reveals David, who adds that Ant’s “big Labrador” did a pee for “literally like ten minutes…there was pints and pints of it on stage.”

If that’s not worthy of a Golden Buzzer, we don’t know what is.

2. Seeing a bit too much of David

Amanda Holden is always the one to take things too far. Obviously that’s why she’s one of our favourites on the BGT panel, but even for her this is a bit bloody much. She only went and pulled David’s pants down for, well, no reason whatsoever.


“This year I think we have seen a little too much of David,” she said. “He was doing one of his normal lap dances he does to try and entice Simon over to the other side of the desk, and he dropped his trousers.

“That was a mistake because he was right next to me when he was “doing this. So I thought, ‘If you’re really going to go there David, let’s get everything off’. So I pulled his pants down!

“He just saved his modesty, but apparently one of the sound guys said he saw a little too much and has been in therapy ever since.”


Crikey. If that wasn’t enough at different points throughout the series David, Ant and Dec all end up on stage wearing just their pants. And that’s still more entertaining than a lot of the talent we see on the show.

3. Stephen Mulhern losing the will

What more does Stephen Mulhern have to do? Despite presenting Britain’s Got More Talent for a whopping 10 years, he still hasn’t been given his own Golden Buzzer. And it doesn’t look like it’s going to be happening any time soon, either…

“It’s got to the point where I don’t know whether I’ve lost the will,” he said. “I’ve tried and tried and tried. I had an idea where I’d start with a bronze buzzer and if I pressed it then the contestant would be guaranteed a place on More Talent, but Simon said, ‘Yeah…great!’”


Oh dear. Well at least he can console himself with some high praise from the head honcho himself.

“I hate to say this because he’ll probably want to do it, but it should be called Stephen’s Got Talent,” said Simon Cowell. “He produces the show, he works on it, he’s all over it, he works really hard on it and has been on it for a long time. So, he’s the star, the producer, the writer, he does everything, and I have to say he does a brilliant job.”

So where’s his Golden Buzzer then, Simon?!

4. A Golden Buzzer act who has auditioned for BGT before

It turns out that when the judges say “come back and audition again when you’re ready” is not always something just to soften the blow of a rejection. Sometimes they actually mean it.

Although t’s unclear as to whether their audition actually aired on TV before, what we do know is that the act chosen as David Walliams’ Golden Buzzer has actually auditioned for the show before.

“Lots of people come to audition and they’re not ready,” explained Ant. “So they are told to come back a few years later after they’ve worked on their craft more. David’s Golden Buzzer act this year is someone who had previously auditioned, and David had said at the time ‘Go away and rehearse, as I don’t think you’re ready.’”

5. LOTS of talk about Ant and Dec’s OBEs


Never mind Brexit or Trump. The one thing that seemed to be the main topic of conversation backstage at BGT was the fact that Ant and Dec have been bestowed with OBEs.

“The judges were really lovely and congratulated us,” said Ant. “Simon said, ‘I’ve got this funny feeling, and it’s never happened before, I’m happy for you both’. So they were all thrilled which was nice.”

Although Simon says he was “happy for them”, he did have to add: “Even though the rest of us don’t have one!”

Sour grapes, perhaps?

“Simon definitely thinks he should have a knighthood!” says David. “I don’t know why, I don’t know what he thinks he’s done! Maybe by just being famous for long enough. What he doesn’t realise is you have to do something positive, you can’t just spread evil and think that you’ll get one. So I think he’s a bit peeved about it.”

6. Simon getting his car destroyed…probably

They get away with all sorts on BGMT. This horrendous rap video is ample evidence of that:

And whether he wants to or not, Simon might be forced to have one of his cars crushed into a cube.

Mulhern wants to raise the stakes on BGMT and make the show a bit more Taskmaster-esque to make sure that the judges’ predictions for who they think will win the show aren’t just “written down and shoved in an envelope”.

“With the prediction, they have to give us something personal of their own,” explains Stephen. “If they get their prediction right then they get to keep that item, if not, we give it to charity or destroy it! So I’m hoping Amanda will give us one of her dresses and Simon might give us a car!”

7. A brand new location for the live shows

OK, so it’s no Saturday Night Takeaway going to Florida. But the BGT live shows are going to be moving this year. Their former home Fountain Studios (also home to The X Factor, The Cube and EVEN Pop Idol down the years) was sold to property developers in 2016. Boo.


So BGT’s new digs will be at Elstree – the same studios where Strictly Come Dancing, Big Brother and Pointless are filmed.

Amanda says she’s “really excited about changing venues” and the change is leaving Alesha “feeling positive that it’s going to be bigger, better, crazier and noisier than it’s ever been”. Just don’t disturb Alexander and Richard next door, yeah?


Britain’s Got Talent returns on Saturday April 15 at 8pm on ITV.