Susanna Reid and Bill Turnbull reunited on breakfast TV and Piers Morgan wasn’t impressed

The former co-hosts were back together on the Good Morning Britain sofa – much to the chagrin of Mr Morgan…


This morning saw a proper TV reunion, as former BBC Breakfast co-hosts Susanna Reid and Bill Turnbull were brought back together on ITV’s Good Morning Britain where Turnbull was promoting his new album (yes, really) Bill Turnbull’s Relaxing Classics.


However, while Reid was clearly very satisfied to see Bill back on morning TV with her, there was one person not quite so happy – current GMB co-host Piers Morgan.

As Bill joined the pair on the programme, Piers joked: “Bill Turnbull is here, bit overrated I always thought.”

Later, when the three were together he added: “[There’s a] little bit of tension on the sofa, there’s three of us in this TV marriage.”

Susanna and Bill both replied: “I’m not tense… No tension here.”

And the awkwardness only continued…

Speaking about his time working with Susanna, Bill said: “It was a joy, it was lovely working with her because of all the co-presenters I worked with and there were a fair number, Susanna was the one who could really make me laugh.

“It’s true, you did, you really used to make me laugh in the nicest possible way and Piers makes you laugh in a different way.”

Oh, you guys.


Good Morning Britain airs on ITV on weekdays from 6am to 8.30am