Strictly’s Alison Hammond: There are moments when Alison the Diva comes out

This Morning's presenter might be sunny and smily most of the time but that doesn't stop Strictly's tricky footwork getting the better of her...

Alison Hammond is known for her no-nonsense, down-to-earth interviewing style on ITV’s This Morning – as well as being bright and bubbly pretty much all of the time. 


Strictly’s tough and tricky dance moves, though, are proving enough to make her sunny outlook cloud over a little… 

“I’m not perfect – I’m not bubbly all the time. There are moments where Alison the diva comes out,” Alison tells

“A lot of times I can’t get the steps and it gets a little bit frustrating… I’m human! I go through all that,” she says, adding: “That’s me on day one and I just think, ‘Hold on a minute. I’ve got another four days to get this right’. Sometimes I need to chill out.”

This week’s dance, a jive to Footloose, hasn’t been causing her too much trouble, though. 

“I do like the Latin dances. This is kind of my bag.”

And it’s not just the dance she’s happy with. Her dress, she says, is “great”, as is the costume department’s choice of footwear… 

“I’m doing it in pumps so I haven’t even got any heels on. I’m going to be really comfortable tomorrow night!”

Her take on Footloose will be “fun, fast and furious.”

“You’ll love it,” says Alison. 


Strictly Come Dancing continues on Saturday at 6:30pm on BBC1