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Stranger Things star lands his own prank show - but not everyone is happy

Prank Encounters is a hidden-camera trick show which follows two strangers who believe they are starting in a new job

Published: Sunday, 16th June 2019 at 11:32 am

The eight-part Netflix series, titled Prank Encounters, will follow two complete strangers who believe that they have landed a new job.

A release by Netflix explained, “It’s business as usual until their paths collide and these part-time jobs turn into full-time nightmares.”

Fifteen-year-old Matarazzo, who is best known for playing Dustin in Stranger Things, will serve as executive producer and presenter of the new show, which is set to launch later this year.

While further details about Prank Encounters remain sparse, reaction from Twitter has been divisive, with some deeming the concept “tasteless” and “mean” - while others believing that the show is harmless.

A spokesperson for Netflix told, "The pranks in Prank Encounters are spooky, supernatural, and over the top, and everyone had a great time. All participants came in with the expectation this was a one-day, hourly gig and everyone got paid for their time.”

Stranger Things returns to Netflix next month for its much anticipated third series – which has been described by its stars as its “goriest” yet.

“It’s definitely gorier, which is pretty cool,” said Matarazzo on Good Morning America.

“If you don’t like gore stuff, I mean, watch it anyway. It’s not for the faint of heart, as some would say.”

Having been well over a year since the last instalment, Netflix’s vice president of original programming Cindy Holland says the delay is worth the wait.

“[Creators] The Duffer Brothers and [producer] Shawn Levy, they understand the stakes are high,” she said. “They want to deliver something bigger and better than last year. I think it’s going to be a fantastic season. It will be worth the wait.”

Stranger Things season three is set in the summer of 1985, which will see romance blossom within the group.

However, as their relationships grow and evolve, so does the threat of evil – with the group having to band together to survive.


Prank Encounters launches on Netflix later this year. Stranger Things series 3 launches on July 4th on Netflix.


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