Stop what you’re doing. Maisie Williams, Daniel Radcliffe and Jenna Coleman have taken the ultimate selfie.

Wow. Just Wow.

What happened when Harry Potter met Arya Stark? The world imploded – or at least that’s what actress Maisie Williams predicted would take place once her Instagram selfie hit the internet.


The actress posed it up with a bearded Daniel Radcliffe at Comic-Con over the weekend, but they weren’t the only famous faces appearing in this starry, starry snap. No, no.

Take a closer look and you’ll see the pair are in serious sci-fi company as Doctor Who actress Jenna Coleman crouches in the background, joined by Maisie’s GoT co-star Hannah Murray.


Can you match the ominous line to the Comic-Con trailer?

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“Last night was really great,” gushed Williams as she made the rest of the world heave a collective sigh of jealousy. To be famous, eh?