Stop right now! There’s a new Spice Girls documentary on BBC iPlayer

I'll tell you what you want, what you really really want, a fifteen-minute blast of girl power


Stop right now, thank you very much, because this is important: there’s a brand new Spice Girls documentary available on BBC iPlayer.


It’s only fifteen minutes long, but it’s a short-but-sweet blast of unapologetic girl power as the service marks twenty years since their hit track Wannabe was released.

Skip over the fact that such an anniversary makes you feel really quite old and revel as famous faces discuss their love for the five-piece pop sensation.

Remember when they met Prince Charles? Nelson Mandela? Tore up that hotel in London’s St Pancras? It’s all in there.

From Jess Glynne’s fan memories to how they inspired Adele, the documentary looks into the power of all things ‘Spice’, as well as taking a platform-clad trip down memory lane as everyone remembers which Spice Girl they wanted to play in the playground.


Watch Spice Girls Superfans on iPlayer here now