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Stereo Kicks think Dermot O'Leary's departure may signal Louis Walsh's exit

The X Factor boy band also reveal the inspiration for their debut single Love Me So logo
Published: Friday, 8th May 2015 at 4:14 pm

X Factor fans are (as ever) waiting to see if Louis Walsh will leave the judging panel, after he once again hinted he’s done with the show.


It’s a rumour as common as Simon Cowell’s unbuttoned shirts (which X Factor wouldn’t be the same without either), but boy band Stereo Kicks wonder if the recent changes mean their former mentor will actually wave goodbye to the show this time.

“The fact that Dermot’s left, I think might mean that Louis is off,” band member James tells, referring to the fact that Olly Murs and Caroline Flack will step into O’Leary’s former hosting spot. “They’re bringing some changes in. You never know. Good luck to him.”

But the band isn’t drawing a line in the sand just yet.

“Louis always says he’s going to leave and then he doesn’t,” laughs Tom. “Until that first episode airs…”

“I think he’s been supposed to leave every single series?” Jake jokes.

Their eight-piece just missed out on a spot in the semi-finals after being put together by the judges during the boot camp round. Now they’ve penned their own debut track Love Me So, and tell us all about the inspiration behind the lyrics and who caused the most mayhem when it came to filming the video…

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