Stephen Mulhern's In For A Penny made a return to our TV screen last weekend (March 28th).


The presenter was once again letting loose across the UK, challenging the Great British public to take part in hilariously silly games in the popular ‘on the street’ gameshow.

The first episode kicked off in Nottingham as Stephen put the unsuspecting public to the test, with games including Driving Me Round The Bend, You Are What You Eat, and Check It Out.

And it looks like this series, Stephen will be branching out a little further and popping up at some new locations.

In a preview clip, the presenter can be seen going through people's suitcases at the airport.

"Ah, another board game," Stephen says as he clears out the suitcase of one woman, who is travelling to Zante.

"Tell you what you do need when you're going to Zante," he continues before pulling out a packet of Warbuton's crumpets from her bag.

In For A Penny

The camera then switches to another family who are checking in, when Stephen decides to go through their bag and finds what looks like an empty medical sample bottle.

"What's that for?" he says as the man looks slightly embarrassed.

In For A Penny

The camera returns to the first woman, and Stephen has now finished counting her board games of which she has five in total.

"How many days are you going to Zante for?" he then asks, to which she responds: "Three days."

Amazed and confused by the woman's packing, he continues to look through her suitcase when he spots something else.

"Also good to bring on holiday," he continues before bringing out a handful of letters as he says: "A month load of post."

Clearly embarrassed, the woman covers her face as she chuckles.

After a successful first series last year, the presenter will be making his way around Nottingham, Bristol, Bognor, Swansea, York, Liverpool and Belfast.

So, be prepared to open your suitcases, get soaked with water or balance fruit and veg on your body in the hope of winning a cash prize!


In For A Penny is on Saturdays at 8pm, only on ITV. If you’re looking for more to watch check out our TV guide.