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Stephen Merchant won’t be doing more Crystal Maze – but who should replace him?

We have a few ideas…

Published: Tuesday, 29th November 2016 at 9:53 am

Channel 4’s Stand Up to Cancer revival of cult gameshow The Crystal Maze was a pretty big success, so it’s no surprise that the broadcaster is looking into expanding it into another full series.


However, it seems like one key ingredient of the reboot won’t be returning – host Stephen Merchant, who (in keeping with comments he made at the time) won’t be back to lead more contestants through the Aztec Zone going forward.

"Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Stand Up To Cancer special, early conversations are being had about The Crystal Maze,” Channel 4 said in a statement.

"And whilst Stephen was an electrifying host, he was always very clear that work commitments meant he would only be able to do the celebrity special."

The news echoes comments made by Merchant at the time of broadcast, with The Office co-creator explaining that he doubted he could ever be a permanent addition to the series.

"We haven't discussed it being a series, but for me personally that would be tough,” he said on the programme’s Facebook page.

"Because then I'd have to do it all the time, and I'm not sure I'm equipped to be a game show host. I don't think I have that skill set.”

Sad times – but we should not despair! Because now we have the chance to imagine a whole other new host who can start the fans and tease contestants with aplomb. David Tennant was originally named as the host for the revival, so WHO’s to say he couldn’t be convinced this time around? Or maybe some more bald celebs could be convinced to step into original host Richard O’Brien’s shoes – we’re looking at you, Gregg Wallace, Matt Lucas and/or Patrick Stewart (OK, that last one is a bit unlikely).

Anyway, we’ve assembled a shortlist of possible hosts, so get clicking in our poll below for who you’d like to see doling out those Crystals in the future (zone).

If you could start, fans, please…




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