Squabbles, tantrums and botched auditions dominate X Factor Boot Camp

Boot Camp takes us away from the judges and drops us into the mayhem of backstage with the contestants

Get ready to see some serious diva strops on tonight’s X Factor Boot Camp as focus moves from the judges’ desk to the chaos of the contestant rehearsal room.


We’ve done enough getting to know new judges Grimmy and Rita Ora. We know what mashing it up means and that Grimshaw can’t keep his bum in his chair if he’s excited by a performance. It’s high time we step back from the panel and take a look at the contestants they’ve put through so far. And my what a rowdy bunch they are.

As the hopefuls are asked to team up to perform a track, there are diva tantrums, tears – one act even turns the whole night into a hen do-style party as he hits the bar instead of the rehearsal room. It’s paint-by-numbers Boot Camp: we get the fully clothed Big Brother wannabe jumping in the pool, cut with scenes of the more serious singers working through the night. But it’s deliciously gossipy. Gone are the shy, nervous singers, replaced by an every-contestant-for-themselves attitude.

And the gloves most certainly come off as they take to the stage, blaming each other for not choosing the right songs, the right lines, the right dance moves, the right time to have lunch (probably). I half expected one of them to bring their nan on stage with them and offer to sell her for a spot in the next round of auditions.

There’s a smattering of bickering among the judges. Newbie Rita Ora amusingly declares Simon Cowell “delirious” as they ponder the auditions. But we can only hazard a guess at which acts they’re discussing after each performance as they wield their biros of doom, pointing at pictures of which acts they want in and out.

The decisions may be edited to look swift and no-nonsense, but the changing sky suggests they filmed long into the night. In keeping with Fashion Week it’s all about being called out to stand on the ‘FROW’. Make it onto the front row and you’re through to the solo audition stage. Until they switch it up and pretend someone amazing on the back row (BROW?) is going home when actually they aren’t. Oh, those X Factor scallywags…


The X Factor continues tonight at 7:00pm on ITV