So this couple on First Dates really REALLY like crisps

Singletons Laura and Matt found romance in their shared passion for salty potato snacks...

They say the best relationships are based on shared passions and interests — you know, a love of cycling, books and travel.


Or, erm, crisps.

In First Dates episode two, Laura from Kent met Matt from Leicestershire and they both really loved crisps. No, they really loved crisps. You could almost hear the sound of true love rustling in the distance.

They discussed their love of crisps (all different flavours, shapes and sizes), cheese balls and cheeseboards constantly throughout the date, both thrilled by the revelations that they like exactly the same snacks.


It was weird, wonderful and absolutely hilarious. So here are the highlights of the best date of the episode. Marvel at how those salty carbs created such healthy chemistry…