Skiing celebs cause chaos in first The Jump trailer

Sarah Harding, Mark-Francis Vandelli and Rebecca Adlington give the public quite a shock in this sneak peek at the Channel 4 reality show


Celebrities taking over the ski slopes is a nightmarish sight in the first trailer for Channel 4’s The Jump, which starts on Sunday 10th January. As Sarah Harding, Mark-Francis, Rebecca Adlington and the rest of the group descend onto the slopes, the locals start screaming as if they’ve never seen anything scarier.


But it’s probably the celebrities who should be afraid, as not only do they face some terrifying challenges, they also have to live together — while we watch.


The news that iconic Olympic skier Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards will commentating on their technique may or may not comfort the celebrities. Lionsgate, The Hollywood film company behind the biopic of Edwards, are sponsoring The Jump, so The Eagle will be around to give the skiers some advice, too.