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Six years on and people are still celebrating Ed Balls Day? The accidental tweet that keeps on giving

Ed Balls

Published: Friday, 28th April 2017 at 7:50 am

On 28th April 2011, Labour MP Ed Balls was browsing the aisles of Asda as he hunted down the ingredients for a pulled pork BBQ. Then he decided to search his own name on Twitter.


Pulling out his Blackberry, he typed in "Ed Balls" - and pressed send.

What he didn't realise, of course, was that he'd accidentally tweeted his own name.

The tweet became an instant phenomenon, and since then Ed Balls Day has been celebrated every year.

Why? Because why not.

But 2017 is a very special Ed Balls Day, because a) we're in the middle of an election campaign and Ed Balls is a former shadow chancellor, and b) this is the year the public fell in love with Ed Balls on Strictly Come Dancing.

Ed Balls himself is happy to be in on the joke, even signing copies of his legendary tweet - and making a special cake for his wife.


Now the question is: how will we explain Ed Balls Day to our grandchildren?


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