Sir Killalot 2.0 to star in rebooted Robot Wars

“Evolved and upgraded” versions of House Robots Matilda, Shunt and Dead Metal will also be returning


He was the master of disaster and 200 kilos of gloom and doom – and now classic Robot Wars House Robot Sir Killalot is returning to the revived BBC2 series bigger and badder than ever.


Along with fellow Robot Wars alumni Matilda, Shunt and Dead Metal it has been announced that the deadly Knight is returning to the rebooted show, with the metal terrors described as “descendants of the original show” who have been “evolved and upgraded to modern-day standards to be even more impressive and even more menacing.”

God knows exactly what that means – maybe Killalot has USB plugs and can shut down WiFi at will now – but we’ll soon get to find out exactly what these upgrades are, as the new series started filming in Glasgow today with hosts Dara O’Briain and Angela Scanlon (below).


Also joining the fray are the Robot Wars judges Noel Sharkey (Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics at Sheffield University and co-director of the Foundation for Responsible Robotics, which presumably includes making them fight for fun), Professor Sethu Vijayakumar (a world-renowned roboticist) and Lucy Rogers (a Doctor of Mechanical Engineering and owner of robotics building company Makertorium), all of whom will adjudicate if there is no clear winner in a bout.

In other words it’s all gearing up for a very exciting showdown – just as long as no-one tells Mr Psycho and Sergeant Bash that they weren’t invited back. THAT could get ugly…


The six-part Robot Wars series will air on BBC Two later this year