Simon Cowell tells X Factor’s Anton he pulls weird faces, singer has best response

Anton Stephans reminds Cowell that botox isn't the norm...

X Factor contestant Anton Stephans is criticised by Simon Cowell during tonight’s X Factor for the “weird faces” he pulls when he sings. 


But Anton, who’s part of Cowell’s Overs category, has a snappy comeback ready.

“If you’re in an environment… where lots of people have botox, so your face doesn’t move, that becomes your norm,” he tells Cowell. “But if you’re a bit poor like me, and your friends are poor and can’t afford botox, your face kind of moves when you speak…”

So. Much. Sass. 

Cowell does crack a smile – thankfully he still can – and admits it’s “the best answer”. 

Watch the moment below ahead of tonight’s final Six Chair Challenge, during which Cowell will decide which singers he’s taking through to Judges’ Houses. With attitude like this, surely Anton is in with a chance…


The X Factor tonight at 7:00pm on ITV