Who is Liv Jawando? The Shipwrecked contestant enjoyed the “eye candy” — but her crush turned out to be gay

The 19-year-old waitress from Manchester says she's "kind-hearted" and "funny" but has an "attitude problem"


Shipwrecked contestant Liv Jawando

Age: 19


Occupation: Waitress

Instagram: @libleilani

Is Liv Jawando single? Yep, and she says that the “single life is for her” — although she does admit that “when some eye candy came in [to the island], it was nice to have a little look!” In fact, Liv did develop a crush on a certain castaway — only to be disappointed when he turned out to be gay.

“I did fancy Chris at first,” she says, “until I found out he was gay! Chris is like my big brother and we speak all the time.”

Bio: Asked to describe herself, the 19-year-old waitress says that she’s “kind-hearted” and “funny”, but that she has an “attitude problem” — and that her mum and nan were nervous about her joining the cast of Shipwrecked “because they know I am hot-headed”.

“I am not one to take any s*** off anyone,” says Liv, who admits that her temper got her into trouble at camp a number of times during filming. “If anyone says anything, I will pull them up on it.”

But Liv, who hails from a council estate in Manchester, thinks that her fellow castaways warmed to her eventually. “I think everyone loved me,” she says, “and they thought ‘look at this cocky 19-year-old!’ I think they thought I was funny, upfront and brutal. But I am 19 and I am from a council estate. That is what you get.”

“I went in so angry and full of hate,” she continues. “I think [the Shipwrecked experience] has made me so open-minded. Now when I am in an argument, I look at the other person’s viewpoint. I feel so much more mature now. Don’t get me wrong though! I am still fiery at times!”

Based on her Instagram page, it seems that Liv is a keen dancer, but when it comes to partying, she prefers to stay close to home — confessing that she’d only been away from her mum once before Shipwrecked.

“I went to Magaluf [when] I was 17. I went away for five days and I cried. I got really drunk and I kept phoning mum up to say ‘get me a plane, I can’t do it anymore’. Shipwrecked was completely out of my comfort zone,” she says.

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