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Scott Mills's Strictly verdict: One Craig Revel Horwood is enough for the nation, Bruno!

"I know it’s Halloween week next, but it looks like Bruno was in costume early and is planning to go trick-or-treating as Craig this year" logo
Published: Monday, 26th October 2015 at 12:41 pm

Another week at Strictly meant more sequins, more tears, and a lot of fancy footwork.


Georgia’s salsa was the perfect way to start the show (even if I did hold my breath watching the lifts!) She’s really starting to shine and it’s so good to see her confidence growing more and more each week – she’s definitely one to watch out for.

I was glad that Anita was second on the floor – her dance from last week was incredible, but she seemed to have stepped it up even more this week. She was determined and managed to pull off another spectacular routine, hats off to her.

It was another tie at the top of the board this week. Helen and Kellie’s dances were totally different, but they both looked like they were having the time of their lives. The theatricality in both performances meant they were incredibly entertaining to watch and I wanted to be up there joining in! Now, if they could teach me how to make those moves look so effortless, that’d be perfect…

Jay’s Pasa Doble to Bon Jovi is something I know I’ll be watching on repeat for a while. The fierce drive behind that dance is something that always terrified me, but he’s just a natural on this show. Peter Andre’s rumba was a lot softer than we’re used to seeing from him, and you could tell he was longing to stomp about a bit, but I thought it was a great dance – just don’t get me started on the ‘Blue Peter’ joke! 

The judges are never ones to hold back, but this week felt particularly lively. I know it’s Halloween next week, but it looks like Bruno was in costume early and is planning to go trick-or-treating as Craig this year. He criticised Carol’s sophisticated Viennese Waltz before moving on to Jeremy’s ‘zombified’ expression. Strictly is all about entertainment, hard work and the fun the contestants are having – let’s hope Bruno remembers that next week. I think one Craig Revel Horwood is enough for the nation!


Then we had the results show and it came down to Jamelia’s foxtrot and Ainsley’s jive. If you’ve read this blog before, you’ll know how much I love Ainsley Harriott. I think he’s a born entertainer – his confidence is always through the roof and he’s a joy to watch, so I’m really sad to see him go. He should be incredibly proud of himself, though. He was definitely someone who kept each week fun and interesting, but Jamelia has incredible potential so I can’t wait to see what her dance is like next week. 


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