Scott Mills’ Strictly verdict – week four: Katie Derham absolutely deserved to be top of the leaderboard

The Radio 1 DJ and former Strictly Come Dancing contestant has his say on week four

Week four. This is the point where Strictly starts to get intense. The best dance of the season may have already been danced, and new favourites to win are slowly getting better and better. It’s more unpredictable than ever, and this week was no exception.


Before we get into the dancing, can we please just talk about the INCREDIBLE music choices this week? We opened up with the ultimate samba song, Shakira’s Hips Don’t Lie, and then Georgia danced to Reach by S Club 7 while she was dressed like a princess. REACH BY S CLUB 7. It was brilliant, and I honestly didn’t think it could get much better than that. That said – have you ever seen anyone happier in a slow dance than Ainsley Harriott? He looked spellbound by the whole thing.  

Speaking of slow dances, Katie Derham absolutely deserved the top of the leaderboard this week. What a way to save the best dance ‘til last! She was so elegant, and made the dance look so natural.

After Jay’s incredible performance last week, I was looking forward to seeing if he could top it this week. I’m really sad that he made a few mistakes in the dance. The judges have eyes like hawks, even if you recover from it – and I can only imagine how disappointed he felt. He can hold on to the fact that he’s still done the best dance of the season, though.

Other highlights of this week included: the brilliant Jeremy Vine showing us how to go from the bathroom to the dancefloor, Jamelia’s sparkly trainers, the most intense game of cards Peter Andre has ever played, and the fact that Helen managed to do an INCREDIBLE lift while she was dressed like a nurse. It was entertainment all round, and the amount of 32s on Saturday night just goes to show that the level of dancing has hit a solid high. 

In the end, though, someone always has to be sent home. When it came down to Kirsty and Daniel, it was horrible. I thought you could really tell how much they’d pushed themselves this week. Ultimately though, week four is the crunch, and the competition is starting to get more intense – I’ll never know how I stayed on past this point!

Even though the standard of dancing was really high and consistent this week, I’m looking forward to seeing if someone can break away from the rest of the leaderboard next week. My money’s on Jeremy…   


Strictly Come Dancing continues on Saturday at 6:35pm on BBC1