Saturday nights have been missing shows like Keep It in the Family, says Bradley Walsh

“I hope it spawns a few more,” says Walsh who admits he hasn’t had this much fun making a show in years

There’s often a lot of negativity around Saturday night television; a feeling that it isn’t quite what it used to be. But Keep It in the Family host Bradley Walsh says his show “flies in the face” of that criticism.


“This is proper, old-fashioned Saturday night television brought up to this century, no question,” he told of the game show which puts the kids in charge as two families face off in the hope of winning various prizes.

“You’ve had BGT, X Factor, Strictly and Dancing on Ice, they’re great shows, but now families are back. I wanted to do a Saturday night show but I wanted it to be right: to show what British families can do and how much Saturday night has been missing this type of show.

“While things like Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway is fantastic, it isn’t games for the whole family,” Walsh continued. “It isn’t a show that’s geared towards the family and that’s what I wanted to include. It had to be all inclusive.”

Walsh says it’s the sort of show you sit and watch with 4 and 5-year-olds through to 104-year-olds. “I’m so proud of it. It’s probably the best all round show I’ve worked on,” Walsh said. “I haven’t had so much fun making a show in years.”

The host isn’t concerned about comparisons to The Generation Game, with segments that see the families watch and then replicate various tasks. “We’re thrilled with that – that’s the bench mark,” he said, adding that he hopes this show will “spawn a couple more” game shows like it.

Although he’s confident of his own output: “Our show is a tough act to follow,” he said, teasing that this year’s Christmas show is “out of this world”.

He’s not keen for a go himself, mind. “I’d be dreadful with the drops,” Walsh admitted of the final round, which sees prizes – and people – literally dropped through a trapdoor as they’re whittled down.

“I’m quite indecisive too,” Walsh added. “I’m rubbish at working out the clues. I’ve got that wrong three or four times out of the series so far and we’ve only done five.”

But Walsh knows exactly who he would like to get on the show, with a whole host of celebrities – from his own The Chase co-stars to Coronation Street regulars – having already taken part in the drop, and that’s Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford.

“I’ve already asked them several times to come on. I want celebrity couples to come on and they’re top of my list. I know that when they’re up there standing on their respective doors, they will try and sell their wares to the kid – and you never know what’s going to happen between Eamonn and Ruth. They have fantastic chemistry.”

Oh, and after they pranked him on Takeaway, Ant and Dec are also on the list.

“I’d love to get Ant and Dec on the drop. That would be great. They’re the next target. Well, next victims…”


Keep It in the Family continues tonight at 7pm on ITV