Robot Wars return is a big hit – but fans are gutted about Razer’s early exit

Seems like everyone stayed indoors for Robot Wars last night...


After a 12 year absence, Robot Wars returned to TV screens on BBC2 last night, bringing with it new challengers, new robots and a new presenting duo.


Dara O Briain and Angela Scanlon stepped into Craig Charles and Philippa Forrester’s shoes to herald in a new era of Sunday night robot carnage.

And the internet flocked to the battlefield, with #RobotWars trending on Twitter for much of the broadcast from 8pm. But what did the fans make of it?

Well, some were VERY happy to see the show back on their screens.


Others had their reservations.


And some were more than willing to wait a while before giving their verdict.


There was one resounding message from those who’d been big fans of the original show, though.


While they may have moved with the times…

The nostalgia is strong with these ones…

One thing did have the internet up in arms, though: Razer’s round one departure, after falling into The Pit.


But the show must go on…

And there’s a new metal big cheese in town…

And it reminds everyone of a former beloved Robot Wars favourite…

Someone take ALL of our money and organise that battle IMMEDIATELY.


Robot Wars airs on BBC2 on Sunday nights at 8pm