Robot Wars are already looking for teams for series 3

Roboteers standby!


Calling all battle-ready roboteers: have you got a machine that could mash Matilda or shunt Shunt pit-wards? Good news: you can now apply to appear on series three of Robot Wars.


Although series two has just started on BBC2, applications are open for another contest in the arena that we’ll hopefully see later this year.

As well as heavyweights (110kg max, 4 team members max), showmakers Mentorn media are also looking for featherweight battle robots (13.6kg max, TBC max team members) for the upcoming competition.

And what does your battle-bot require? The call to robot arms says, “We are looking for new unique and innovative designs and even deadlier weapons to compete in our fierce robot fighting competition”.


So, think you’ve got a fighting machine ready for the big time? Download an application form, fill it out with as much info as possible (including images, videos, diagrams, CAD renders) and email it to

Got all that? Great, then ACTIVATE!!


Robot Wars airs on BBC2 on Sundays at 7:00pm