Rita Ora: why I cried during Seann Miley Moore’s X Factor audition

24-year-old Seann from Australia had the new judge in tears and she says it was his message about fitting in that tugged at her heartstrings

New X Factor judge Rita Ora was left in tears tonight thanks to 24-year-old Australian Seann Miley Moore’s performance, and she explains it was his message about not fitting in that sparked her emotion.


Ahead of his audition Seann bought himself a one-way ticket to the UK, where his family is based, and says his unique image feels more accepted here. “In London people are just like, yeah work it,” he enthused.

“If it makes you feel happy and right, just do it.”

So what got Ms Ora so choked up?

“He walked onto the stage with a meaning, with a message that was about being a misfit and being comfortable,” the singer explained. 

“My whole life growing up I was never the most popular one. I was always a bit different or trying to start something like a revolution in our class or something like that. I think that’s what this guy did; he started that for me, [it] felt real.

“He loved it and he was passionate about it. He didn’t even have to speak. I felt it. I was so relieved that someone had come on the show and showed that kind of individuality. Growing up and being such a fan of individual artists like Madonna, people who took risks and always got judged for it, that was a moment where I felt that TV is now being more accepting of people. It wasn’t the fact that he did an amazing performance, which he did, it was more of being thankful for individuality and for people being comfortable in their own skin and with who they are. That’s why I cried.”


The X Factor continues on ITV next Saturday