Rita Ora booed on The Voice for not picking Stephen Cornwell

The contestant pleaded with the pop star to 'steal' him and when she refused the audience made their feelings known...

Rita Ora was booed by the audience in The Voice tonight after refusing to steal Dartford singer Stephen Cornwell.


The audience made its disapproval known after Cornwell was rejected by coach Will.i.am in tonight’s battle round – and Rita didn’t come to his rescue.

In a moment of high drama, Cornwell pleaded with Rita to use her remaining “steal” to add him to her team, reminding her that she had praised him during the blind rounds and expressed regret that she didn’t turn for him.

Speaking on stage after Will.i.am plumped for Jake Shakeshaft following their duet of the Coldplay hit Every Teardrop is a Waterfall, Cornwell told Rita: “I think I briefly remember you saying you wished you had pressed your button”.

Rita admitted that she had but did not turn when she had a chance to save him – prompting a few boos from the crowd.

Looking hurt at the criticism, Rita told Cornwell: “Stephen, I did say that. Because at the end of the day no one matters here apart from you and me and this conversation. And I did say that, but I don’t think I could work with you like that. I’m sorry.”

She was seen commiserating with the singer after his failure, telling him that “the timing wasn’t right”.

After the incident Rita was consoled by fellow coaches Will.i.am, Ricky Wilson and Sir Tom Jones.

She told them: “There’s a lot of pressure on me from the crowd and the coaches. But the music industry is pressure and that’s what makes us want to be the best.”


The Voice is on BBC1 on Saturdays