Ricky Gervais will not be joining Top Gear as a host any time soon, I’m afraid to report. He seemed like such a natural fit, right?



It’s so seamless, so obviously the logical next step for the show. He wouldn’t even need co-hosts. Gervais could just carry the whole show on his shoulders.

But as it turns out, the Derek creator can’t actually join as a presenter for one simple reason: “I cannot even drive,” he told the Mirror. Darn it. It’s the only thing that stops this working, right?

Well, that and the clothes.

“I very rarely wear a jacket with jeans.”

Agh, it’s just slipping away. The double denim-clad dream is fading.

And he doesn’t wear brogues.

“So I wouldn’t fit in.”

Hear that? That’s the sound of a thousand cars screeching to a halt. The Stig quietly sobbing in the corner.

Gervais has made such an impact on the show before, too. He’s popped up on the news segment, all important like in his gold pants:

And – of course – in a lovely bath shot, which James May and Richard Hammond totally, er, dug:


If only there was a Top Baths, eh?