Ricky Gervais’s “even better” and “longer” Derek finale will be released this April

Netflix viewers will get an extended version of the final moments at Broad Hill Nursing Home on 3rd April, as Gervais’s thoughts turn to Life on the Road and Special Correspondents

An extended version of Ricky Gervais’s Derek series finale will land on Netflix this April. 


The hour-long special, which originally aired on Channel 4 over Christmas, seemed to tie a neat bow around proceedings in the vein of Gervais’s The Office and Extras which also ran to two series wrapped up with a one-off special.

But Gervais – who created and starred in the Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated hit – is giving fans a tiny bit more.

“Even though the UK got [the special] first with its airing on Channel 4, the good news for Netflix viewers around the world is that you will get a longer version, which in my opinion is even better,” Gervais explained on his blog.

In fact, the man himself is in London today working on it (do feel free to drop in for a cuppa, Mr Gervais).

While Gervais will no doubt tweet his way through an initial airing on the streaming service, his attention is now turning to pre-production on upcoming film Special Correspondents. As well as writing and directing, Gervais is playing the part of a radio technician alongside Eric Bana’s struggling New York journalist.


Then, in his ever-busy schedule, it’s back to the world of David Brent. Hurrah! Yes, Gervais says that after he’s done editing Correspondents in London he’ll “start on the Brent movie ‘Life on the Road'”, which sees Wernham Hogg’s former manager selling cleaning products while he dreams of becoming a rock star.