Richard Burr’s 10 best bakes from Great British Bake Off 2015

The 2014 finalist picks his favourite recipes from this year's series, from Paul's lion showstopper to Tamal's delicious Charlotte Russe



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Richard says: “Perfect combo of sharp apricot and sweet, sweet frangipane – brilliant!”

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Richard says: “Classy biscotti – perfect for a good dunking on site!”

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Richard says: “Hands down, the funniest baker of the series – cracking soda bread too.”

Richard says: “Amazingly neat, with delicious flavour combos – no wonder that man’s gone the distance.”

Bake Off star Richard sizes up finalists Tama, Nadiya and Ian

Richard says: “Drool… can’t type… too hungry”

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Richard says: “A man after my own heart. Solid cheesecake.”

Richard says: “All hail the king of the jungle! Magnificent sculpture. Sounds like it tasted great too.”

Paul’s lion bread and the best Bake Off showstoppers

Richard says: “Rhubarb and ginger are a killer team at the best of times, but suspend them in custard and you’re on to a winner every time.”

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Richard says: “Tiny little fry-ups encased in pastry? There should be a Nobel Prize for that.”


Richard says: “Just perfection; beautiful to look at, and that rose flavoured cream filling may well be the end of me. But at least I’d die happy…”