X Factor: Why Lizzy Pattinson should be a wildcard

Sassy, calm, a great singer… and Robert Pattinson would probably turn up at the X Factor studios

Simon Cowell, Mel B, Louis Walsh and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini are each getting one more singer this weekend in the form of a wildcard – and I for one hope Cowell’s is Lizzy Pattinson.


Cowell would probably quite like her in his Overs category. He gave her the whole one arm hug thing that he does at Judges’ Houses when he had to turn her away. A classic sign of regret.

Well, there’s no other way to tell. His glasses were dark.

Lizzy even earned a round of applause from Cheryl in her first audition. Simon had asked whether they’d met before and she calmly replied, “Maybe in your dreams?”

The slight sticking point is that one of the other judges gets to choose who Cowell’s wildcard will be. It’s the latest twist in the competition, giving each of the judges the chance to offer someone a lifeline and/or sabotage a rival judge. And, let’s face it, the temptation is certainly there to give Cowell Stevi Ritchie. Adorable? Yes. Light on his feet? Yes. Destined to have sell-out tours? Erm…

Of course, there’s also Raign. Cheryl loved her. It would be entertainment enough just to see Cheryl’s face if she returned. Raign would certainly jazz things up. Bring some kick-ass diva to the stage.

If we’re being sensible here, Helen Fulthorpe should maybe be given another chance. One rocky Judges’ Houses performance and a bit of a panic saw her out of the competition. Or – and here’s where my money is going – Lizzy.

She has a brilliant voice, has been trying to make it as a singer for a long time (seemingly without trying to wing it on the coattails of her famous actor brother Robert Pattinson) and has A-list looks already in the bag.

At Boot Camp Lizzy was almost swapped off of a chair, politely smiling when it looked like her time was up, before carefully returning to her seat when Cowell changed his mind. No fuss, no drama. Without a doubt a nice contestant to back for the win. She even had a little cry at Judges’ Houses, so she’s got the sob story thing nailed.

Plus, she’s Robert Pattinson’s sister. Which means were she to make it to live shows he’d no doubt turn up to support her. Probably looking all cool in some sort of trendy hat. Reason enough?


The wildcards will be revealed this Saturday night at 7:30pm on ITV