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Why Gogglebox moving to a primetime Friday slot is a good thing

Watching people watching TV on a Friday night? Sounds like a winner to me, says Emma Daly logo
Published: Thursday, 20th February 2014 at 3:47 pm

I’m twenty six, so I know I’m supposed to work all week and live for the weekend. I should be doing cool things on a Friday night that my parents will tut at and that will earn me 30-odd Likes on Facebook.


Like a gig. I should go to more gigs.

But I don't. So the news that one of my favourite shows, Gogglebox, is moving from Thursday to Friday, and into a primetime 9pm slot, doesn’t fill me with the dread of social suicide that it probably should.

Gogglebox is brilliant. You can hear the producers rubbing their hands together as the general public entertains the general public for the price of a fixed camera set up in their living rooms, recording their reactions to TV's latest offerings.

When Gogglebox watches us watching Gogglebox, the world will be complete. Or something like that.

The show has a stellar batch of Gogglebox-ers. My favourites being hairdressers Christopher and Stephen – almost entirely because of the time they tried to decide if it was OK to fancy suspected terrorist Brody in Homeland.

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Gin-swilling ‘posh Couple’ Steph and Dom tipping their sofa over and smashing a load of glasses in the process was TV gold. It’s no wonder the show is in the running for two awards at the Broadcasting Press Guild Awards.

It was brave to launch Gogglebox in the first place. A show about people watching TV sounds like something you’d suggest as a joke in a pitch meeting before being told to go and make coffee.

Moving to a Friday primetime slot for series three is another bold move. I have the lucky excuse of writing about TV for a living, so I can get away with blocking out weeks at a time watching television. A bit of time on a Friday is hardly a stretch. But will the majority of viewers be too busy having a good time to tune in?

It seems to work for Graham Norton, whose Friday night show drips with the biggest names in showbiz. The BBC wouldn’t waste that on a Friday night if it wasn’t working.

“It feels like a little bit of truth” says Head of Specialist Factual David Glover of Gogglebox. “Our viewers can say whatever they want, cutting through PR, cutting through the b*******. They are even allowed to slag off my other shows – which they invariably do.”

It’s also heading to Friday night with a bang. On the Gogglebox viewing list for 7 March is The Oscars, The Voice, The Taste and Saturday Night Takeaway.

Gogglebox, I’m ready for you. TGI Friday!

See Gogglebox, Friday 7 March 9:00pm, Channel 4



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