The Island with Bear Grylls claimed its first victim tonight when 18-year-old Freddie Wilson radioed in asking to be let off the island.


After taking a bashing from campmates Frank and Ben, a bout of sickness and diarrhoea proved to be the final straw for the teenager from Scotland.

“I sat with Freddie basically all day and all night chatting with him and he seemed fine, so it came as a shock to me when all that happened,” fellow campmate Jordan, 23, tells


Freddie left Channel 4's The Island with Bear Grylls in episode two, which aired on Monday 24 April

“I really tried very hard with Freddie," she added. "He’s just a little baby and was very sensitive – you could see that from the get go. He got quite stressed in the end and he became quite difficult to bring out of his shell. He was just quite quiet."

Whether he might have stayed longer on the island if he hadn’t come under fire from Frank and co for being ‘lazy’, Jordan, who says that she never came close to quitting the show herself, believes that the treatment of Freddie from other campmates didn't make a difference to Freddie's final decision.

“I don’t think so,” she explains. “I think Freddie had made up his mind a long time ago and it didn’t matter what anyone said to him; he was always going to go. He was so adamant that he wanted to leave. In the end I was never going to fight his decision.”

The second episode of the Channel 4 reality show also saw Freddie admit that he thought Jordan was the most attractive of the bunch of stranded islanders, so would the whole thing have turned into an episode of Love Island for Jordan and Freddie had he stayed on the show a bit longer?

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“Noo!” laughs Jordan. “Absolutely not, no. Bless him, he’s like my little brother.”

On her own experience on the island, Jordan says that she went into the programme “very realistically”.


“I knew it was going to be hard,” she said. “Come on, anyone who goes into that thinking it isn’t going to be hard is completely deluded.

“The thing I wasn’t expecting was the weather,” she adds. “I didn’t think it would rain so much, and that’s what made it 50 times harder than I could’ve imagined. If it didn’t rain, it would’ve been a piece of cake. I honestly believe that!”

Speaking about the rest of the series, the unemployed graduate says it gets “worse before it gets better”, but that the whole experience has changed her life for the better.

“As soon as I came back to the UK, I immediately applied for a ski season,” she explains. “I didn’t apply for a job or anything career-wise, I just wanted to do something that was fun and had adventure in it so I went away to Austria within three days.

“I mean, my personality hasn’t changed, but my life ambitions and my outlook on life has completely changed. I thought that I was meant to go to uni, get a masters, sit at an office for the rest of my life, pop out a few kids but I’ve just realised that’s not what it’s about and I can actually do whatever I want.

“I didn’t really believe that was true before the island.”


The Island with Bear Grylls continues next Monday at 9pm on Channel 4