Name: Susannah Constantine


Age: 53

Famous for: Teaching the nation how to dress for their body shapes

Jungle highlight: That absolute fail of a high five with Tony Hadley. He so would have put his palm up for Trinny.

Most brutal high five rejection #ImACeleb

— Myth (@Lewis_cogman7) November 15, 2015

Biography: Susannah Constantine burst onto our telly screens in 2001 and soon secured a spot in our insecure, self-loathing hearts. As one half of fashion guru duo Trinny and Susannah - two women with very different styles and body shapes - she undressed and redressed the nation, teaching us about pear-shaped bodies, control pants, belts and how unflattering horizontal stripes can be.

Their first series What Not to Wear ran on BBC2 until 2005. But our thirst for their cruel-to-be-kind style advice didn't wane and they returned for Trinny & Susannah Undress and Undress the Nation on ITV. They also released a number of fashion advice books (now adorning the shelves in every good charity shop) and designed a range of clothes for Littlewoods.

I'm a Celebrity 2015 full line-up

When it comes to her jungle credentials, we know little about Susannah's ability to survive outside of a shopping centre. But Susannah was always loud, outspoken, forthright and unafraid to offend. Qualities which make her an ideal jungle campmate as far as ITV bosses are concerned. At the very least, she's sure to have something to say about her fellow contestants' swimwear choices...

Here she is giving a vicar a makeover

Critiquing a woman's old, grey bra...

And selecting dresses that are "good for women with big tits"


Thanks, Susannah!