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Who is Raphael Korine? Big Brother 2017 contestant profile

Meet the psychology student who's a self-confessed pot stirrer and serial cheater

A new series of Big Brother has begun, and with it a new clutch of housemates. But who are they? Here's your guide to contestant Raphael Korine...


Age: 22

Twitter: @Raph176

We're going to hazard a guess that he won't be going on that grad trip for a little while yet...

Who is Raphael Korine? 

Raphael is an international student and self titled Big Brother superfan who is currently studying psychology at Exeter University.

He says he absolutely loves situations “that involve competition and the ability to strategise” so he should be right at home in the Big Brother house.

Where is Raphael from?

Raphael was born in Paris, so we think it’s safe to assume he’s French. He says so in this article he wrote about ‘digital natives’, detailing why they might not be as savvy as you think. He’s a clever one is our Raphael. He speaks five languages, including Japanese, French, English and German.

A starnow profile which appears to belong to the Frenchman suggests that he tried to audition for Big Brother in 2015 but was unsuccessful. His audition video has since been removed.

The profile also reveals that Raph is a budding actor who had roles in amateur productions of The Birds and High School Musical. He played Zac Efron’s Troy, which we can imagine helped him to get his head in the game.

Is Raphael single?

Apparently so.

And given the fact that he claims to have cheated on every partner he’s ever had we’re not entirely surprised.

Is Raphael set to become the new Nasty Nick or Spencer Pratt, then?

Well, he’s certainly setting himself up to be the chief pot stirrer in the house. He says he’s able to “pull the strings” and create the drama, without getting directly involved.

He has no trouble talking about people behind their backs (a MUST for any Big Brother candidate, surely?), enjoys playing pranks and never ever feels guilty about anything he does.

Why is Raphael on Big Brother?

In his own words: “I have loved the show since I was a little kid and see it as the ultimate psychology test."


Will the student pass with flying colours, though?


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