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Who is Kayleigh Morris? Big Brother 2017 contestant profile

The former Ex On The Beach star says her biggest weakness is "insanity"

Published: Monday, 26th June 2017 at 8:14 pm

Big Brother 2017 contestant: Kayleigh Morris


Age: 28

Instagram: @kayleighmariemorrisx

What does Kayleigh do for a living? She's a clothing concession manager.

From: Port Talbort, Wales

Has she been on TV before? Those 100k-plus Instagram followers didn't generate themselves.

Kayleigh has appeared on two seasons of Ex On The Beach, in 2015 and 2016. Here’s her original introductory video for the series, which gives you a taste of what she’s all about:

in EOTB lore, she is probably best remembered for the time she called her co-star Jemma Lucy a “used condom”. Unsurprisingly, hair-pulling ensued. Seems she’s quite the fiery character.

Biggest weakness: “Insanity”. Seriously. According to the Sun, she told an ex that she had killed his cat to get back at him for going on a lad’s holiday. 

She told Fabulous magazine in 2015: “I was convinced he cheated. I was so distraught.

“I wrecked his flat in a rage, tearing up pictures of us and kicking in his TV. When Carl finally called me the next day, I was still so livid, I lied and told him I had killed his cat while I was meant to be looking after it. He broke down, but I didn’t feel ashamed.”

Sounds… Passionate.

Is she single? No, she is not. Her boyfriend, model Conrad Williams, is a regular fixture on her Instagram account. Will she be able rein in the crazy for the extent of her stay in the BB house? For poor Conrad’s sake, we hope so.


Why does Kayleigh want to be on Big Brother? She wants to prove that she's successful and not a bimbo. Though, her commitment to her career surely has to be called into question as she enters her third reality TV stint in three years...


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