Which Great British Bake Off star should be on the Radio Times cover?

Chetna, Luis, Nancy and Richard are all in the running to be Radio Times's next cover star on the Apple Newsstand edition for iPad and iPhone. Who gets your vote?

Sadly, we can’t vote for who we want to win The Great British Bake Off (imagine having to bake enough cakes for 10 million viewers!) but what we can do is vote for which of the final four bakers will be chosen as Radio Times’s Bake Off cover star.


Chetna, Luis, Nancy and Richard were confirmed as the final four in this series on Wednesday 24 September. Radio Times has a special Great British Bake Off cover prepared for each of them, but only one will make it on to the front page of Radio Times’s Newsstand edition for iPad and iPhone.

Scott Mills became Radio Times’s first ever people’s cover star after over 200,000 votes were cast in a poll to crown Strictly Come Dancing’s leading couple. Now we want you to decide which baker should be the toast of Radio Times’s Great British Bake Off final edition.

Chetna, Luis, Nancy or Richard? Cast your vote now…

Voting closes at 10:00am on Monday 29 September.


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